The Automotive Industry is highly dependent on specific chemical products and services.


The Aerospace Industry is using a large variety of chemicals, from solutions to services.


Special cleaning solutions are in high demand for the Electronics and EMS Industries.


The Medical Industry demands high quality services in order to sustain vital care services to patients.

Biolyth A,C ESD

Special technologies have special demands for the cleaning stage. Beside the main cleaning agent function there are other attributes which have to be fulfilled by the solutions used within this process. In that respect LTHD has developed the Biolyth range. Biolyth A-ESD, is a multipurpose product, providing a triple effect: cleaning, biocide and antistatic. The upgraded version, Biolyth C-ESD, along with the cleaning, biocide and antistatic characteristics, contains also ECA active Chloride.


Deionized Water S1

High end processes as chemical laboraratory analysis are more sensitive to the presence of any disolved ions, no matter their origin. In order to meet the requirements of these high end aplications, as a further development we designed Pure Deionized water, DIWS1. The TDS (total disolved solids) for DIW-S1 is zero, while the conductivity is below 1.


Deionized Water

The presence of dissolved salts in the water can seriously alter some Technological processes. Thus, the use of deionized water is compulsory in order to avoid unwanted effects. Deionized Water (DIW) is LTHD’s own product , containing zero Ca++ and Mg++ ions, adressing the standard processes where Calicum and/or Magnesium deposits can produce mechanical or electrical harm.

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